Rodrigues Island, a perfect fairytale paradise and blissful

peace …

Rodrigues is an island of authentic beauty situated at 650 km north-east of Mauritius. The number of daily flights ranges from two to five depending on the period of the year. The trip lasts a maximum of 90 min. The island enjoys a tropical climate and is well known for its caves, creeks, gorgeous beaches and typical folklore. Other popular attractions include:

  • Ile aux Cocos, located at 4 km to the west of Rodrigues, a beautiful nature reserve of rare species of migratory sea birds.
  • The François Leguat Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve, a 19-hectare nature reserve of endemic flora and fauna of the island.
  • Caverne Patate for a breathtaking walk in the caves
  • Trou d’Argent, recently ranked amongst the 30 best preserved beaches in the world.